20 Quality examples of high contrast in web design

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My 10th grade art teacher told me that high contrast can be used only on white or black backgrounds to underline focus on things you want to communicate. I think it was a bold declaration of not thinking out of the box and not following design trends set by teenagers and young artists. Anyway, since then I was very interested in high contrast designs, not only because of their “non-conformist” way of tellings things, but because of the simple way people create them.

I searched some of the CSS Galleries out there where I found an built up a neat list of great web sites based on high constrast:

Snog Pure Frozen Yogurt








Work [at] play




Cornish Mutual




Red Nose Day


Intellect Training Enterprise Limited


Douglas Mendez


Ecto Machine




France Pants


Andre Augusto


Midia Effects




Kirsch und Nagel


Bireau for Visual Affairs


SacJazz Festival 09


I hope you’ll like this list and start considering High Contrast color schemes in your design projects.

Write me what you think about these websites and the funky colors by leaving a comment below!

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